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Why Don t Colleges Help With The Transition - 881 Words

When students with learning disabilities decided to go to College, high school teachers and administators are excited and ready to help that student transtition to College. Why don’t Colleges help with the transition? At TMCC they do their best to help, but at other Colleges they don’t. Three ways Colleges can help include making sure students understand their right, testing students knowledge in knowing their academic strengths and ask students who took a Collge course to expalin how they felt about it. For a student with a learning disability or really any disability they should know their rights under Section 504. In high school, students are use to their parents fighting for their rights. College is completly different, you have to fight for your own rights. Majority of the time students with LD who have decided to go to college have not learned their rights. I was lucky enough to know at least some of it. IN 2011 the U.S department of Education office for civil rig hts stated â€Å" As a student with a disability, you need to be well informed about your rights and responsiblites as well as the responisblites post secondary schools have towards you.† The Section 504 Act states that it is agianst the law for adminstaors and teachers to discrimate those with disabilites in the education setting. With knowing the rights one has under the section 504 law, students can understand that if they feel like they are getting poor treatment to go and fight for their rights. ThroughoutShow MoreRelatedEducation System And Its Impact On Education Essay1361 Words   |  6 Pagesshouldn t be taught in a one size fits all system. Our education system is so outdated and the government has made very little changes to it, it makes you wonder if they are preparing us for the future or the past. Our education system as a whole is heavily flawed, there are numerous issues with it. You would think that the amount of money our government puts into the education system that our country would have multiple success rates, but its the complete opposite. Our country doesn t even rankRead MoreThe Common Problems Faced By International Students Essay1388 Words   |  6 Pagesinternational students it is more difficult to deal with. Students from this country may be able to return home for a visit to help alleviate their homesickness. International students are not able to do this. This means that you may need more support than home students. You may need to talk to someone in confidence about how you are feeling. The counselling service is here to help. Problems Integrating You may find it difficult to integrate into another culture. Even within Europe cultures can be differentRead MorePersuasive Speech How To Make Dorm Room Spaghetti Essay873 Words   |  4 Pagess pouring ran and you don t want to get out to find something to eat? Or even, you don t want to go find the stove in your residence hall because you dont want to change out of your comfy pjs that you only let your roommate see? Yeah, we ve all been there and I can help with that problem. II. Let Audience Your Topic: See, you can eliminate that hunger because I am going to instruct you on how to make a simple and delicious spaghetti meal in your dorm. III. Mention Why You Know About Topic: BeingRead MoreWhy Are You Interested For Applying For Rusm?742 Words   |  3 Pages1) Why are you interested in applying to RUSM? (1 paragraph) RUSM is famous and good quality to train U.S. physician. I was volunteer in Houston Methodist Hospital. One of nurses working more than 20 years there recommended me to go to RUSM. He told me RUSM is a well-known medical school all over the world. RUSM website also show match more than 800 residents in the U.S.. I believe RUSM can give me a good education, clinical experiences and let my dream come true: to become a physician. 2) HowRead MoreThe Cost Of Higher Education Essay1296 Words   |  6 PagesIntroduction: Attention Getter: On November 18, 2011, students from the University of California, Davis gathered around in silent protest in the universities’ quad. They were peaceful. Yes they broke a few rules - nothing big though. Yet police wouldn t have it and they wanted them out. After refusing the police s requests to remove themselves from the quad, the students were pepper sprayed in front of everybody for everyone to watch and record. Videos like the one I just showed you surfaced acrossRead MoreAnalysis Of Mark Edmundson s On The Uses Of A Liberal Education 986 Words   |  4 Pageshis concerns about the trajectory of the universities and colleges in America. Edmundson depicts how college students today have â€Å"little fire, little passion to be found,† towards their classes (4). In an effort to find the source of this lack of passion, Edmundson describes contacting other professors about this issue while refining his own ideas. Ultimately, Edmundson comes to a conclu sion. He believes that the consumer mindset of college students has hindered American universities as a whole. MyRead MoreWhy I Was The Teacher Unhappy?1546 Words   |  7 Pagesunhappy with her. Why was the teacher unhappy? Because my 14-year-old daughter did not know what she what she planned to major in when she went to college. What the heck? I was (at the time) 38-years-old and didn t know what I wanted to do with the rest of my life. How on earth is a 14-year-old supposed to know that? Three years later she came home angry (progress, I think) because her counselor was pushing her towards a $38,000 a year college, rather than the $11,000 a year college that she had chosenRead MoreCampus Carry Laws Will Allow Law Abiding Citizens1242 Words   |  5 PagesCollege is a time of rapid change in a young person’s life, it can be many things but most importantly it is a time where students start to truly grow into their academic abilities. All students deserve an equal chance to grow in a safe learning environment, but this is not always possible as our culture has become more violent in recent years. Campus carry laws will allow law abiding citizens to protect themselves in a sacred institution, which has seen significant rises in violence in recent yearsRead MoreMy Interview With Gloria, A Middle Aged Female1579 Words   |  7 Pagesto the village that you lived in, once a year for your yearly examinations. Gloria explained to me that between the ages of six and twelve, she never really hung out with people that much outside of school. She didn t really have much of an explanation for it, except that she didn t trust people enough to have close friendships and she didn’t feel like she fit in. At the age of twelve, Gloria’s family moved to the United States to join her father. It was a hard time for any young girl with enteringRead MoreGraduation Speech : Dreams And Goals881 Words   |  4 Pagesindividuals usually spend the next 17 years enrolled in some type of schooling system. For many it begins at an elementary school, transitions into middle school, which then leads to high school, and most will then enroll into a secondary educational institute. This timeline was very similar to how the last 17 years of my life has went which leads me to my first goal, college graduation. Anyone would agree that 17 years is a substantial amount of time to follow the same routine day in and day out. 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